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We invest to do good with our capital!

Ki.investments was established in 2020 with a resolution to reshape capital to focus on social and environmental impact.



We aim to use technology and intelligent workflows to provide unprecedented opportunity and impact throughout the investment process.

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We aim to infuse sustainability into our culture so that it resonates through every process that we create for our customers, clients, employees and investors.

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Ki is looking for opportunities to co-invest between 1-5m in growth companies and projects which are making the world a better place

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We believe that financial services are fundamental in tackling the global social and environmental crisis we face today. Our mission is to show how capital can be used to address these most critical of problems and generate positive outcomes for people and the planet without compromising the economic return.


Smart tec / Renewables / Energy Efficiency

Smart tec

Investing into the next generation of technology business that will help to speed up the journey towards NetZero.

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Renewable Energy

Deploying capital to take renewable energy projects, which have been independently appraised to deliver defined benefits to shovel ready and beyond.

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Energy Efficiency

Domestic energy efficient investments can free up energy sector capacity, just as effectively as delivering new generation, networks or storage would.

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