Why would you
choose to invest

inspiring investors

To do good with
their capital

We work hard for our money – so why would we choose to invest irresponsibly?

At Ki we believe that given the option, most investors would choose to invest their money into projects that have an environmental or social benefit, providing there is not a trade off against the risk or return. The problem is that most investors face challenges when trying to invest their capital for the better good such as;

  • Lack of clarity – where their money is going
  • Greenwashing – Sustainability only small part
    of bigger picture
  • Lack of opportunity – access only via public markets
  • Lack of access to profitable projects – trade off against impact

We aim to inspire

To entrust their capital into projects that make a positive contribution across a range of environmental and social issues, without having to sacrifice investment returns in the process.

We work with a broad range of sustainability projects but some of the themes we are interested in Inclusion, Hyperlocality, Renewables, Cleantech, Proptec, Energy efficiency and Climate change. The key to our success comes from putting the right projects in front of the right investors and supporting them throughout the investment journey.

As a value-added investor, each project’s primary focus is to leave a lasting positive impact, minimising downside risk, protecting invested capital and generating an appropriate risk-adjusted return. At Ki we educate investors as to how capital is used during the project, the financial benefits and risk, the potential return from an impact perspective, while also helping to match appetite with suitable investment opportunity.

The ultimate goal being the creation of universal opportunity to build wealth while maintaining a positive impact.

Make a difference

Keystone Impact is a proud member of the UKSIF. We feel that it will be invaluable to help us to educate and inspire investors to support the growth of inclusive opportunity to participate in sustainable investments in the UK.


The UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF) is the membership association for sustainable and responsible financial services.

Founded in 1991, we have approx. 260 members and affiliates including institutional and retail fund managers, pension funds, banks, consultants and more. Join us at

Supporting the Green Recovery with the National Forest.

We are proud to be supporting the National Forest Company, registered charity number 1166563, with the Green Recovery, with donations from every investment going towards the National Forest.

The National Forest is demonstrating that wildlife can be restored across 200 square miles of Central England through the creation of woodlands and can thrive as part of a greener economy with low carbon jobs, and wider social benefits such as access to woodlands to improve peoples’ health and wellbeing.

Both Ki Investments and the National Forest Company have a genuine commitment to sustainability. By supporting the National Forest and making ethical investments this is an example of how we can take positive action to address climate change.


Benefits for investors
  • Access to investment opportunities in leading, investment ready projects and businesses
  • Bespoke impact opportunities selected and structured according to specific investor needs
  • Clearly structured and transparent investment process
  • Defined risk adjusted return and ESG returns
  • Sustainable and responsible investment process
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