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Green workflows
the investment process

We aim to use technology and green intelligent workflows to provide unprecedented opportunity to bring efficiency improvements to capital structures, that also align with environmental and social responsibilities to investors, clients, and customer.

Latest technology

We integrate digital

in our sustainability strategies and efforts, to identify the links between sustainable objectives, digital transformation and business strategy

  • to provide insight into new opportunity and manage potential risk
  • to facilitate the development and delivery of the right new smart investments
  • as a catalyst to develop smart and innovativesolutions to environmental and social challenges

We redesign legacy processes and models with digital tech in order to reduce the environmental footprint and harness resource more efficiently.

  • We design our business processes as green intelligent workflows
  • We Integrate sustainable objectives into workflows
  • We use technologies such as Blockchain, and AI to open new ways of achieving greater agility, resilience and better outcomes.

We use tools to enable real-time access to relevant data to ease greater collaboration and sharing of data outside of our business.

  • Share data,
  • engage with business partners, clients, customers and investors
  • in a way that protects integrity and promotes resilient
Innovative structures


Our aim is to channel capital into enterprises and business models that may not otherwise attract investment, and Ki also develops and builds vehicles that improve access and efficiency within the management of smaller scale sustainable investments. As a value-added investor, each project’s primary focus is to leave a lasting positive impact, minimizing downside risk, protecting invested capital and generating an appropriate risk-adjusted return. Our goal is to provide quality structures, simplify operation processes and improve investor experience.

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